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By Shadow State

It is incredible how many people doubt the simple truth that Monte Blu is Nick Clyne and Nicki Clyne is Monte Blu.  In fact, I just confirmed that the two people (Monte Bu and Nicki Clyne) are identical in less than 30 seconds.

In the past, I have used a service called reverse phone number lookup. It’s on the internet and can be used for free.  Monte Blu gave Nicki Clyne’s phone number and email address.

(Please respect Ms. Clyne’s privacy and don’t spam or harass her. Even if you don’t like what she says, she has the right to say it.)

I fed that phone number Blu gave for contact into the reverse phone number lookup and came up with:

Type: Mobile

Original carrier: Level 3 Telecom Of California, Lp – Ca


N–––––– C––––––

View owner’s name

Spam/Fraud Potential: Low Risk

You can call with confidence.

Details on owner of (310) 500-6347

The owner of that number is N_______ C________

And that owner lives in Clifton Park, New York.

Now, who do you suppose N. C. in Clifton Park, New York is?  It is a mobile phone and it was originally activated in Southern California.

Nicki Clyne is married to Allison Mack who grew up in Southern California and lives just outside the 310 area code.

On top of that, in 2017, newlyweds Allison and Nicki visited Southern California and while there Nicki, who starred in a science fiction TV show, visited the Space X rocket factory in Hawthorne California.  Hawthorne California is in the 310 area code.

Inline image
Space X’s rocket factory is in Hawthorne California in the 310 area code where Nicki Clyne seems to have activated her cell phone.

On top of that, Monte Blu (aka Nicki Clyne gave an email address. This email address was listed on Using a free internet service called “whois domain tools” one can look up the host server for

Here is the result:

Registrant Carl Hendricks
Registrant Org E-Mallard Web Corporation
Registrant Country us
Tech Contact Carl Hendricks
E-Mallard Web Corporation
3431 State St. #201,
Schenectady, New York, 12304, us

IP Address – 1 other site is hosted on this server
IP Location United States – New York – Schenectady – Emallardweb Corporation
ASN United States AS22302 INOC – INOC, LLC, US (registered Sep 04, 2001)
Domain Status Registered And Active Website
IP History 11 changes on 11 unique IP addresses over 13 years
Registrar History 2 registrars with 3 drops
Hosting History 8 changes on 6 unique name servers over 16 years

Now, who owns E-Mallard?

A source writes:  “If my sleuthing is correct then the server is located in Schenectady for E-Mallard and NXIVM lied and said it was in Albany County.”

E-Mallard is a front company owned by NXIVM and Clare Bronfman.

Government unveils list of 90 NXIVM-affiliated companies; Bronfman companies included!

Nicki Clyne works for NXIVM and Clare Bronfman.

Now, do you see why Frank Parlato published this photo of a smiling Nicki Clyne with her smiling boss Clare Bronfman at the end of Monte Blu’s article?

Inline image

So let’s set the record straight once and for all:

Nicki Clyne is Monte Blu.

Nicki Clyne is Pea Onyu

Nicki Clyne is Legatus Pro Tempore

Nicki Clyne is Yolanda Cortez.

Nicki Clyne is Gabrielle Cortez and

Nicki Clyne is blk master kusa.

Nicki Clyne is the official face of NXIVM.

It must get very crowded in  Nicki Clyne’s apartment.


I also have some thoughts on how Monte Blu got her name.  The original Monte Blue was an early motion picture star who specialized in Westerns.  He died of a heart attack in 1963 at the age of 76.

Monte Blue was an actor who died in 1963.

The Frank Report’s Monte Blu spells his/her name a little differently than the old-time movie star. Monte Blu has no “e” at the end of his/her name.

I believe that Frank Parlato once suggested that Monte Blu might refer to a mountain in South Africa. But there is another possible source for the name Monte Blu.  In the resort area of Lake Tahoe, near Reno Nevada, there happens to be a casino resort named “Mont Bleu.”


Montbleu Casino.JPG
Photo by Constantine Kulikovsky

MontBleu is a 400 room casino resort in Stateline Nevada, right on Lake Tahoe.

MontBleu has had that name sine 2006.

Take the “e” out of Bleu and put it at the end of Mont.  Now you have “Monte Blu”, the name of our friend.

Now for a question:  Has either Pea Onyu or Yolanda Cortez or Nicki Clyne ever been to Lake Tahoe?


In 2017, Nicki Clyne attended a Comic-Con type event at Lake Tahoe.

I believe Monte Blu is just another pen name for Nicki Clyne.

I must also give credit to Pyriel for suggesting that Monte Blu’s writing sounded a lot like Pea Onyu’s writing.

And I must give credit to my brother who attends business meetings in Reno from time to time and likes to mix pleasure with business by visiting Lake Tahoe and other nearby resorts.

Lake Tahoe just happens to have a resort named Mont Bleu from which Nicki seems to have borrowed the name Monte Blu – after visiting the area for a 2017 Sci-Fi Convention.

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